The landscapes, environments and culture of Valle del Cauca have made the department one of the most attractive for other countries that wish to develop their artistic projects.

This scenario is evidenced by the announcement of an Italian-Colombian production company that decided that the department would be the scene of a film that is planned to be shot this year.

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The Secretary of Tourism of Valle del Cauca, Julián Franco, expressed his satisfaction with this production, which also implies “the economic reactivation that reaches the region also from the hand of cultural industries” and also “a good turnover for our businessmen.”

Julián Franco, Secretary of Tourism of the Valley.


Juan Pablo Rueda, TIME

“It is a very important source of economic spillover because these productions take time, they are large teams that come to film and that implies that the entire economic sector is impacted and benefited”, added the official.

For the executive director of the Cali Valle Bureau, Catalina García, the department has the necessary and ideal conditions to develop film productions, due to factors such as “the large number of locations we have, due to the seven thermal floors we have in Cali and the Valle del Cauca.

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Meanwhile, the film’s director and screenwriter, Enrico Maria Artale, explains that This production is based on the family drama of a woman in which salsa is a key element in her life.

“There is a mother who escaped from Colombia 40 years ago and who is very nostalgic, and all her nostalgia is suppressed by dancing salsa. Among all the regions of Colombia, none would be the fairest to make this film than Cali and the Valley”, said the filmmaker about the film that is tentatively called ‘Julio César’.

The Valle del Cauca producer Diego Ramírez highlighted the support of the Government of Valle del Cauca and the region’s capacity to attract this type of international projects.

“Not only are they going to work with the audiovisual sector, but it will also generate employment in many other sectors such as hotels, tourism, transportation, food, which are the ones that are connected with audiovisual work,” concluded the producer.



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