Victor Candelo, Mayor of El CharcoMunicipality of Narino, was able to escape the flames with his family.

Armed men they arrived at his homeat about 2 in the morning on Friday and set fire to the building.

There, the president was with his wife, a son and two grandchildren, a 16-month-old baby and an 8-year-old girl.

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According to Candelo, the smoke filled the house and woke up the mayor’s son, who then called everyone to get up and try to get out.

The fire was on the first level.

They got out and tried to get out the back door, but they couldn’t.

So in the midst of anguish, the family wet some blankets to try to get out the door.

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“I don’t know how we are alive and telling the story,” Mayor Candelo said.

“My son warned us to get out quickly,” he noted.

Meanwhile, alarmed neighbors of the family took out buckets to control the flames that later spread to the second floor of the house.

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Candelo asked the armed groups and those who perpetrated this attack to put aside the violence and not attack his family, which has nothing to do with political issues or decision-making for the town.

According to the mayor, the attack would have been committed with gasoline.

The Prosecutor’s Office took on the case of this attack against the home of Mayor Candelo, located two blocks from the Police station.



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