The second murder of a woman in parks of El Caney neighborhood, In less than six months, it caused astonishment and pain among inhabitants of that neighborhood in the south of the capital of Valle del Cauca.

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It was 9:00 on a Thursday night when Linda Sabrina Savi Marin He was in a park on Carrera 74 with Calle 38 in The Special Caney, in commune 17 of this city.

Linda Sabrina Savi Marín, murdered in Cali

One version says that the 32-year-old woman would have arrived at that public space minutes before, accompanied by a minor and a man. On the site were other people who shared in the place.

Suddenly, a thin man approached the place where Linda Sabrina was, who was shot at close range. She was mortally wounded and efforts for her survival were in vain.

On the site it was assured that a man would have been injured in the attack, but no further details were given, only that he would have been treated at a health center in the area.

The Commander of the Metropolitan Police of Cali, General Juan Carlos Leónsaid that a patrol of the Quadrant Surveillance Model, with the support of the Judicial Police, was activated and located a man who would be the woman’s former permanent partner.

He noted that during the follow-up it was possible to arrest the man, a firearm and proceeded to present it to the Prosecutor’s Office. He was given a gauntlet test, but would not have accepted charges.

Pregnant woman crime in July

Katherine Dorado Vargas

On the night of July 8, 2021, she was shot to death Katherin Andrea Dorado Vargas in the El Búho park in the same El Caney neighborhood.

the young woman, mother of a child and pregnant, who had arrived from Mexico two months earlier, was attacked by a motorcyclist dressed in black, in that public space on Carrera 85 C with Calle 42.

The assailant escaped while the victim died after medical attempts to save his life at a care center.

So far, no arrests have been reported for the crime of the young woman who had been in Mexico since 2020 and returned in May 2021, under days of a pandemic in the world.

The motives for the murder have not been specified.

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