After reviewing, for the third time, the signatures of citizens who are in favor of calling an election that defines whether or not the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, continues in office, the Registrar reported this Monday that 132,547 are valid.

Despite the fact that the local president insists that more than 30,000 are fraudulent, for which he has instituted several legal actions, the electoral authority in this new review only found irregularities in 361.

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Now, if no new legal actions are filed by the president or groups of citizens so that the rubrics are reviewed again, the National Electoral Council (CNE) is expected to certify the resources of the committee behind the revocation to summon an election.

Currently, the CNE is carrying out a process to determine whether there were irregularities in the financing of the collection of signatures and whether the limits established by law were violated.

If there are no irregularities, a voting day will be called to determine if Quintero remains in office. But if they find that the law was indeed violated and the financing ceilings were exceeded, the recall will fall and the president will finish his term.

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The mayor, for his part, generated controversy last week when he assured that the recall was dead. However, this is not true and this process can still be carried out, as there are nine and a half months left to do so.

However, it is true that the times for this are quite tight and it is being combined with the campaign for the Presidency and the Congress of the Republic.

It is important to clarify that if the recall vote has not been held before December 31 of this year, it will no longer be possible, since by law these processes can only be carried out during the second and third year of the mandate.


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