Jorge Enrique Abello is one of the best-known telenovela leading men in Latin America, and not because his career has been particularly prolific, but because he played ‘Don Armando’, the protagonist of ‘Yo soy Betty, la fea’ more than 20 years ago. ‘.

Those who fell in love with his elegance and his character’s screams still admire him so many years later, and the actor has garnered a significant fan base, to the point of becoming a content creator on social networks.

He has his own talk show, ‘Night Night’, where he talks with other celebrities on a wide variety of topics, and he has also exploited his creative vein by writing for magazines such as Gatopardo and Rolling Stone.

Photo: Instagram/ jeabello

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His new facet as an influencer has allowed Jorge Enrique Abello to collaborate with different brands and on Instagram alone he has 1.6 million followers.

Although his role as ‘Don Armando’ has not left him alone. His followers constantly ask him to talk about the soap opera, and he never disappoints.

The secret of ‘Don Armando’ and ‘Betty’

Recently, he shared a secret that It had been kept for a long time, and it was that it had a giant ‘crush’ by Ana María Orozco, who played ‘Betty’. In a video of her on her YouTube channel, he claimed that their on-screen chemistry could have been a result of him feeling something special for her as soon as he met her.

“I was very happy in a store and you entered. I saw you with your cheeks, with your long, long, long, brunette, brunette hair, with such huge eyes: divine, a divine thing”, Said the actor of his partner.

Photo: Instagram/ jeabello

But don’t get your hopes up, because he clarified that it was something temporary and that nothing else happened between them. that ‘crush’ evolved into a beautiful friendship. In addition, at the start of the telenovela, Ana María was married to Julián Arango, who played “Hugo Lombardi”.

Jorge Enrique Abello also reported that not everything was pleasant during the filming of the soap opera, since the director wanted the business aspect to be realistic, and that made the meetings of ‘Ecomoda’ very stressful.

“I was 29 years old at the time. I had only studied acting, literature, communication, direction, arts. I had no idea – as I do today – what finance is, how the economy works, what management is, so I was speaking advanced Chinese,” she recalled.

But, despite the setbacks, the artist remembers that experience with great affection, as do his followers, who have also filled his profile with comments about how well he looks over the years. What do you think of the look of this ‘Don Armando’ in middle age?

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