From February 1 to 15, the Tayrona Natural Parkthe main tourist attraction for nature lovers, will remain closed to the public due to the oxygenation and spiritual cleansing campaign scheduled throughout the year.

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The Mayor’s Office of Santa Marta, through its tourism office, has been promoting a varied offer of plans for those national and foreign visitors who visit the capital of Magdalena these days.

For those who are looking to live experiences beyond sun and beach tourism and connect with nature and the charm of the flora and fauna of this sector, the city has options from the top of the mountains to the river bank.

San Lorenzo

It is perhaps one of the highest points in the Sierra and is equipped with all the hospitality to receive visitors. It is located on the Cerro Kennedy mountain, 3,000 meters above sea level.

In addition to having a panoramic view that makes you lose your breath, San Lorenzo is the best place for lovers of bird watching, since the El Dorado Nature Reserve is located in the area, which develops projects for the protection and conservation of bird species. that are on the verge of extinction.


Although it is small, it is an almost obligatory visit to taste the exquisiteness of the local gastronomy. Attended by native fishermen, this beach ensures totally fresh delicacies from the sea, as well as white sand and warm water that promises a dream bath. Its access is very easy: you leave from Taganga by boat or through a natural path.

Being a destination with few visitors, it is perfect to rest, contemplating the Caribbean Sea. For many others, this is the ideal place to get away from the routine and take advantage of the time to read, enjoy the sun and spend quality time with family, friends or partner. In addition, on this beach you have the possibility of snorkeling to discover the marine wealth that is hidden in the depths of the sea.

Don Diego River

This river is quite an experience, a mixture of calm waters and strong currents. Located in the vicinity of Palomino, this river is the ideal place for bird watching or to live with howler monkeys and exotic species that have as their home the strong vegetation that borders the river.

However, a few meters further on, it is common to find tourists and locals tubing, which consists of descending the course of the river aboard a tire.

Touring the different bodies of water is another of the desired plans.


Press Office of the Mayor of Santa Marta

Valencia Ravine

Located on the road that leads to the main entrance of the Tayrona National Natural Park, after a walk of only 30 minutes you will reach a unique setting sheltered among the ancient trees of the area.

Quebrada Valencia is a stepped fall with wells of pure and crystalline water, where you can enjoy relaxing baths in the middle of a lush jungle landscape with huge trees and accompanied by the sound produced by the rattle of the water breaking against the rocks of the bed. from the river. A visual effect is generated by creating a waterfall of turquoise water between the huge rocks that make up the waterfall.

The Tagua

located at three hours from Minca, this idyllic place, a haven of peace and connection with nature, collects the cold of the Sierra, so a jacket and good mountain boots are necessary. Its atmospheric conditions allow you to see parts of the Ciénaga Grande, and even Barranquilla!

Indigenous people of the Wiwa ethnic group live in La Tagua, as well as peasant communities.

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Enchanted Lagoon

Located 37 kilometers from the city of Santa Marta, about 2 kilometers from the entrance of Parque Tayrona, its name refers to the magic, beauty and charm of the place that captivates visitors, according to the locals.

the trail is easy access and it will take about 40 minutes to reach a calm lagoon fed by a small waterfall.

The landscape that surrounds Laguna Encantada could help you connect with nature and with yourself, to find calm away from the routine and daily life of the city, and at the same time enjoy the best ecotourism.

Roger Urieles
For THE WEATHER Santa Marta

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