The Attorney General’s Office formally accused the ex-governor of Santander, Richard Alfonso Aguilar Villafor the alleged direction of the contracting to favor individuals, who would have agreed to pay gifts for the illegal awards.

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According to the Prosecutor’s Office, “while Richard Aguilar was in office between 2012 and 2015, he created an advisory committee to, supposedly, guide the contractual processes in the department in his own way. Additionally, he appointed two people he trusted as Secretary of Infrastructure and Director of Infrastructure Management with the purpose of guaranteeing that the contracting was adjusted and left in the hands of the people he entrusted,” he says in a statement.

One of these people would be Julián Jaramillo, who was sheltered with a prison insurance measure last weekend for this same case.

In the middle of the accusation hearing on Tuesday, February 8, the Prosecutor’s Office revealed that not only irregularities would have been presented in the contract to reinforce the Alfonso López stadium, but also other works and the PAE.

The Prosecutor’s investigation would have found irregularities in six contracts.

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“Structural reinforcement of the soccer stadium and adaptation of swimming pools and the Vicente Díaz Romero Coliseum, signed in February 2014, and whose value exceeded 15,278 million pesos and an addition recognized for more than 6,700 million pesos. In addition to the audit contract (…) they appropriated approximately 9,886 million pesos,” says the Prosecutor’s Office.

The new contracts would be:

  1. Improvement, rehabilitation and paving of the Agroforestry and Energy Corridor, contract No. 3561 signed on December 29, 2014. This contract was delivered to the Temporary Union Promise Society Future United by Santander SAS, “of which the first cousin of the father of the exmandatario”, they say from the accusing entity.
  2. Works on the San Gil – Charalá road corridor (Santander), contract No. 2670 of September 24, 2014.
  3. Construction of the third rail of the Bucaramanga – Floridablanca road (Santander), contract No. 2738 of September 30, 2014.
  4. Supply of food rations for students of official schools of 82 municipalities of the department. Contract No. 2406 of August 26, 2014 of the School Food Plan (PAE).

A prosecutor delegated to the Supreme Court of Justice formally accused former Governor Aguilar of the crimes of aggravated conspiracy to commit a crime, contract without compliance with legal requirements, improper interest in entering into contracts and embezzlement by aggravated appropriation.



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