Due to the cases of thefts to businesses in entertainment and gastronomy areas that have been occurring in Medellín, the authorities handed over the package of panic button devices to merchants of the 11-Laureles communewhich they can use if they require immediate support from the Police.

According to the Mayor’s Office, these buttons are linked to the services of the Medellín Integrated Emergency and Security System (SIESM).

The Municipal Administration reported that on this occasion 20 devices were delivered, already configured and in operation, out of a total of 200 devices that will be distributed in the coming weeks with the support, provision and training of the Urban Security Company (ESU).

These buttons will also be delivered in the 14- Poblado district, in sectors such as Provenza, Manila and Parque Lleras.

“It is very important that we continue working and strengthening the articulation that has given such good results in these places. With the Metropolitan Police there is an immediate reaction capacity in any situation of public order and this technological tool allows us to attend in record time and coordinate the services available with our system”, said the Secretary of Security and Coexistence, José Gerardo Acevedo Ossa.

How does the button work?

As detailed by the Mayor’s Office, there are two references to these devices: physical and virtual. The physical buttons look like an air conditioning control where you set a default text message with the location of each establishmentname and contact number.

When the button is closed, a white light flashes and no sound is emitted. Upon receiving the signal, an incident is created with the predetermined information and reaches the competent channel. The radio operator is in charge of modulating the incident, notifying the zone quadrant and it goes to the place to validate the information.

The virtual buttons work through an application in which there is a support network that notifies nearby businesses that also have the panic button of the emergency.

“This button will not only serve us but the locals around us. With technology and what the community contributes, we can make institutions work better and security too”, said Carlos Arias, a merchant who benefited from the device.

The use of the button is designed to react, initially, in specific cases of theft of people and establishments, fights or suspected use of weapons inside the premises.



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