In Medellin and Antioquia, occupation in the ICU, hospitalization, and positive cases of covid-19.

This was reported by the Government, which monitors the matter daily.

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According to Luis Fernando Suárez, Secretary of Human Security, in recent days, the occupancy of ICU beds in Antioquia has been stable, with an average of 91.5 percent. “A little over a week ago we reached 94%,” he said.
Suárez explained that the department is ready for, if necessary, an expansion of ICU beds.

“Today we have the option with several hospital institutions to open about 40 beds,” he explained.

The official added that the department is going through a plateau with a downward trend in the current peak of covid-19 infections.

The Secretary of Health, Lina Bustamante, corroborated this information because according to current information, It is estimated that by February 15 ICU occupancy, hospitalization and deaths from covid-19 will already be decreasing.

“In positivity we are already at 19%, before we were at 38%; in hospitalizations we were at 850 last week and now they are 700; and in ICU patients with covid we went from 287 and down to 249. It is decreasing, ”Bustamante said.

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ICU care for Covid patients at the CES Clinic in Medellín.


Jaiver Nieto Alvarez / ETCE

These statements have contrasted with what was recently said by the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, who stated that the city exceeded the peak of infections by omicron, the predominant variant of covid-19 both in the capital of Antioquia and in the rest of the country.

“Medellín has exceeded the peak of covid-19 by omicron that occurred in the last month, it is great news, in the last two weeks we have seen a drop in half in the number of infections,” said the president.

However, this statement has been controversial, at least that was the case with the Antioquia Medical Association (Asmedes), which in a statement expressed that this is not entirely true.

“It must be mentioned that the new covid diagnosis figures are far below reality; there is an underdiagnosis of approximately 90% if we take into account that only the population over 60 years of age who has symptoms, those under 3 years of age, people with comorbidities and health officials are tested” Asmedas explained.

For this association, in Medellín and Antioquia, the death toll is around 40 – 50 per day, “a figure that we consider is still very high.”

“On the other hand, we consider the mayor’s message to consider this fourth peak to have been overcome unfortunate, since this can lead to a relaxation in all self-care measures by the community in general, such as putting aside the use of face masks, attending massive shows. or to high attendance activities such as parties or concerts”, detailed this association.

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What the Personería says

On the other hand, the Personería of Medellin lHe called attention so that the guard is not lowered so that the health services do not collapse.

The entity revealed that according to the Medical Emergency System -SEM-, at the ICU service of the Medellín Hospital Network, between January 1 and 29, 2022, 404 patients were admitted to the ICU for Covid-19, of which 270, they are not vaccinated. In addition, during this period, an average of 14 people were admitted to the ICU per day; Of these, 9 have not started their vaccination schedule against the disease.

Currently, Medellín has 717 active beds in the ICU and has an occupancy rate of 95.3%, of which 24.3% corresponds to covid patients. As of February 3, 2022, the occupation in the hospital network of the different services with covid-19 patients is: CSU: 13 (2.34%), hospitalization: 347 (64%) and emergencies 16 (2.95 %).


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