Since they achieved stardom, the members of the Kardashian Jenner clan have captured the attention of millions of people and although many love them, they have also been the target of criticism.

Recently, Khloé Kardashian was strongly pointed out in networks, this time for the strange appearance of her hands. Many assured that she could have done something to her extremities, while others believe that it is Photoshop abuse.

Photo: Instagram/ khloekardashian

Khloé Kardashian’s hands are criticized in networks

Through Instagram, Khloé shared a series of photos where she is sitting in a luxurious car. The model appears dazzling, wearing long boots and a jumpsuit.

However, and although he received hundreds of compliments, the appearance of his hands was something quite striking for his followers, since his fingers look too long and of a different color.

The comments were immediate and many Internet users assured that Khloé would have exceeded the editing in the photos, while others consider that it could be another aesthetic arrangement. Some just made fun of her and compared her to ‘Lord Voldemort’, the villain from ‘Harry Potter’.

“Okay, but your hands?”, “What happened to her hands?”, “Her hands look so scary in that picture”, “She has the hands of ‘Lord Voldemort’”, “I love her, but the hands do not match”, “It looks like an alien”, they comment on networks.

Khloe Kardashian
Photo: Instagram/ khloekardashian

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The model defended herself from criticism and sent a strong message

After the controversial publication, Khloé shared another photo where her hands cannot be seen, so hundreds of people began to assure that she was trying to hide them because of the way they looked. Given this, the model did not remain silent.

A netizen commented: “Oh lord, she’s hiding her hands,” to which Khloé replied: “Ha ha ha never. My hands are beautiful, darling.”

Immediately, other followers of Kardashian supported her position and did not hesitate to defend her from those who have been attacking her for the appearance of her hands.

Photo: Instagram/ khloekardashian

Did Khloé Kardashian Send Tristan Thompson a Hint?

In addition to Khloé’s hands in the photos, there was something else that caused a stir and it was the message that accompanied the description. In the images the model wrote: “Betrayal rarely comes from your enemies.”

That caused his followers to assure that it was a message for Tristan Thompson, Kardashian’s ex-partner, who on January 4 confessed that he had an intimate relationship with a model in March of last year, when he was Khloé’s partner, and left that pregnant woman.

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian. Photo: Instagram/ khloekardashian

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