Kefir, a cat of the Maine Coon breed, has traveled around the world due to its surprising size and great beauty.

This breed is characterized by being large, so much so that it is nicknamed ‘the great gentle’, precisely because in addition to being a large breed, the character of these kittens is usually quite playful and sociable. This breed originated precisely in Maine, USA, is considered the largest non-hybrid breed among domestic cats. According to Wikipedia, these cats can reach up to 8.2 kg in the case of males, while in females, their weight can reach 5.4 kg. If we talk about size, the encyclopedia indicates that the Maine Coon, like Kefir, ‘the largest cat in the world’, can measure up to 97 centimeters with everything and tail.

Although it is not really known for sure how tall Kefir is, it is known that although he is two years old, he has not yet finished his full growth, so it is expected that his size will continue to increase.

The owner of Kefir, ‘the largest cat in the world’, is Yulia Minina (wink), who has revealed to various media that on many occasions her kitten is mistaken for a dog, since that size is not usual in domestic cats .

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Kefir, ‘the world’s largest cat’ weighs more than a 2-year-old

According to Yulia, she never thought her cat would grow so big “I could never have thought that an ordinary baby could grow so big. Not only did he grow big in size, he’s also a very smart cat and always behaves calmly,” she told The Mirror.

The proud owner of Kefir has given numerous interviews in which she tells how the feline white gets all the attention when she receives visitors. She also assures that Kefir loves caresses.

On the other hand, Yulia Minina has said that her cat Kefir likes to sleep in her bed, on her. Clearly this wasn’t a problem when Kefir was a little cat, but now, this has become a bit of an inconvenience.

“Now that he has become a big heavy cat, it is difficult for me to sleep like this,” Yulia revealed.

With the amazing photos of Kefir that have gone viral, many have suggested that this is a photographic trick, but Minina assures that in no case is it Photoshop.

Have you ever thought about how much a cat of this size can eat? Would you like to have a cat like this?

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