This weekend a fact was presented that outraged hundreds of Colombians on social networks.

It is about the ‘trap’ that he set for him Julian Osorio, councilor of the Democratic Center in Manizales, to Mr. Carlos Jaime Gutierrez Ibanez, who worked as a driver for the InDriver platform.

Osorio deceived him by posing as another client and made him drive to a checkpoint that the Traffic Police was carrying out in Manizales.

“I collaborate with him by telling him (the police officer) that you have been providing me with an InDriver service. And that you are providing an illegal service. That is the collaboration that I can do. That this is not allowed in Colombia and much less in Manizales. This city is respected here, my friend,” says Osorio in a video that he himself recorded and shared.

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For his part, Don Carlos has spoken about what happened and commented that “he made me confiscate the car. The car is in the patios and it was the only livelihood I had (…) I felt cheated, I felt humiliated and powerless faced with the situation of seeing that I couldn’t do anything”.

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Osorio’s apology

The councilor has given statements in which defends his actions and the reasons that led him to make the decision to ‘report’ a driver from a digital platform.

“At no time was it our intention for everything to turn out the way it is. It has been very uncomfortable that people are so passionate and they are even threatening us with death, but we will continue with our heads held high,” Osorio assured.

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It has been very uncomfortable that people are so passionate and they are even threatening us with death

The councilor also apologized, “We ask Don Carlos for a public apology for having made it viral on social networks, but we cannot hide behind the fact that what is legal has to hide behind what is illegal”.

Osorio also told ‘La W’ that he had spoken publicly about his apology, however “I cannot apologize, nor can we shoulder someone who, because of his age, whether he is a child or old, is doing illegal actions“.

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Despite the controversial statements, the indignation has turned into solidarity with Don Carlos, because several people on the internet organized a collection to help him with the fine and so that the man can get his car back.

It is known that the ‘cow’ has already exceeded 20 million pesos.

It is worth mentioning that “in Colombia the rental of vehicles with a driver is completely legal and that legal figure that all platforms use today, no judge has declared it illegal, ”said Mauricio Toro, representative to the Chamber.

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