The death of a loved one causes a great emptiness that hardly manages to be filled in its entirety. Although the absence of the loved one is assimilated with the days, the pain never goes away completely. An example of this is a grandmother who has moved millions of people on networks because she still sends messages to her dead son through WhatsApp.

Sasha, her granddaughter, was the one who made the story go viral on networks by saying that unfortunately her father died six months ago and since then, both she and her family have not been able to overcome their loss. However, her grandmother is the one who has had the most difficulty accepting that her son is gone, to the point that she continues to write to him.

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The photos of granny’s chats moved hundreds of people

On her Twitter profile, the young woman showed two screenshots where you can see that her grandmother continues to send WhatsApp messages to her father. In her conversations, the older adult wrote to her on dates such as Christmas, New Year, she tells him that she misses him and tells him about some of the activities that she does daily.

“Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and you will not be present but you will be in my heart. I love you son” or “Today is the Three Wise Men, I already bought something for your daughters, stay calm, son, I love you”are some of the messages that granny sends.

“My dad passed away 6 months ago and my grandmother keeps writing to her wpp (WhatsApp) to tell her how much she loves and misses her. I don’t want to say anything but I’m crying,” Sasha said on Twitter.

The publication quickly went viral on the Internet, where hundreds of people have claimed that the moving story has made them cry.

“It is unimaginable pain! I lost my dad almost 6 months ago, he was and is my pride for the incredible father he was, but for almost 6 months I have never smiled again”, “How sad. I was very moved to read this. I cried”, “There is nothing more painful than losing a child”, they comment on networks.

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