The controversies do not stop persecuting the Argentine model Georgina Rodríguez, now it is not only about the impressive change of life that she had but also about the opinions of her sister and other relatives.

Days ago The uncles of Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner came out to show a different facet than the one she shows on her reality show. Well, they say that the businesswoman also forgot them since she went out with the famous soccer player and that they raised her.

However, now it is a sister on her father’s side who appears on television questioning Georgina’s decisions. Basically, she reproaches the model for being very supportive of children in need but that she is not with her own nephews.

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Georgina Rodríguez is criticized by her paternal sister

Patricia Rodríguez was interviewed on the Spanish program “Sábado Deluxe” and told strong details of her relationship with Georgina.

“In truth, what I feel is pity and sadness for having had a relationship with her and suddenly she doesn’t want to know anything… overnight, since my father passed away,” she said when asked about what she feels towards her famous sister.

In addition, he took advantage of the moment to say that he does not receive any help from Georgina. Similarly, he questioned the model’s decision to show solidarity with poor children but not with her nephews.

“I am working in a restaurant and I earn 600 euros. And I do not hold her responsible, but I do have three children and I do have my problems and she is so supportive that she is with the children… Why is she not with her nephews? ”, Commented Patricia.

Georgina Rodríguez's sister criticizes her for helping needy children and not her nephews
Georgina Rodríguez’s sister criticizes her for helping needy children and not her nephews. Photo: Saturday Deluxe

Likewise, Georgina Rodríguez’s sister said that on one occasion she did not have to pay for her children’s school and thought that Cristiano’s partner could help her, but it was not so.

“I went to school crying with an anxiety attack because I didn’t have to pay. And I called and asked her please that she did not want money, that they only go to the school that I gave them even her number so that they could get in touch, “she said. In addition, she added that “she told me, for example, that she was going to help me with my children’s school books and I’m still waiting.”

Photo: Instagram/ georginagio

He couldn’t get a signature from Cristiano either.

In the same program, Patricia Rodríguez revealed that the 28-year-old model did not help her get Cristiano Ronaldo to sign a shirt for her nephews.

“He did not want to bother Cristiano to sign a shirt for my son because he was on vacation,” he said.

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