Interviewed credits:

Adela Cardona – Beneficiary of “entrepreneurs on foot”

Ehyder Barbosa, Director of Development of Solidarity Organizations

Beatriz Garzón, coordinator of the Solidarity Organizations social development group


Journalist: Yomari Benavides

Camera and Edition: John Reyes

BOGOTA COLOMBIA). Friday, February 11, 2022 (RPTV NEWS AGENCY). Doña Adela Cárdenas’s life changed unexpectedly after spending several years unemployed. He became bankrupt, but managed to get out of the economic problem in which he found himself after resorting to the “entrepreneurs on foot” program, led by the Vice Presidency of the Republic and the UAEOS, Special Administrative Unit of Solidarity Organizations, according to his own words, he did not have enough money and there he found the opportunity to resurface.

“We were in great need for almost two years, we lost everything we had. We were in Bucaramanga 18 years working. We came to live in a ranch on a lot,” says Doña Adela about the tortuous path she had to go through after leaving the capital of Santander and arriving together with her husband at a wooden house that they managed to get in Cúcuta, the place that Over time, the course of his life changed again.

“We formed a cooperative with 25 women and we began to train ourselves. We were able to learn systems, crafts, textiles and we learned to make food, beauty things and jewelry,” explains Doña Adela.

And it is that according to figures from the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane), employment for women in 2021 closed at 14.5%, compared to 8.3% for men. She, like many other women, was affected by unemployment and began to turn her finances around as an informal vendor when she found the “walking entrepreneurs” program, which today has managed to reach 291,000 informal vendors throughout the country. that they have had the opportunity to undertake.

“The UAEOS supports this program through associativity, the solidarity economy and the promotion of solidarity economy organizations in eleven capital cities with the highest rates of labor informality,” says Ehyder Barbosa, director of Development of Solidarity Organizations, about this policy that is focused on four axes: Commitment to employment; Commitment to the poorest and most vulnerable in society; Commitment to clean and sustainable growth, commitment to the countryside.

The goal for this 2022 is to solve the economic crisis generated during the pandemic, so that thousands of Colombians achieve their stability and independence.

“God gave us talents, but we have to put them to work, we cannot keep them. If you know how to make hallacas, train yourself to make the best hallacas in the country,” Adela comments on this dish that, with the help of the entrepreneurs on foot program, is today an example at the national level.

The Special Administrative Unit of Solidarity Organizations (UAEOS), attached to the Ministry of Labor, is the State entity in charge of designing, coordinating and executing programs that mainly benefit the most vulnerable communities in the national territory, which find in the various associative forms of solidarity the answer to your needs to improve your quality of life. Like that of Doña Adela, who is part of more than 290 thousand people, owners of small businesses or vulnerable population who derive their income from the informal economy, through the ecosystem of services made up of public and private allies of the national order, who have made use of entrepreneurship support services at the UAEOS, and today they have a small business or microenterprise with which they have been able to get ahead.

In this sense, these formalizations are being carried out in eleven capital cities of the country, and also have the goal of solving the economic crisis generated during the covid-19 pandemic.

For this reason, if you want to move from informal commerce and benefit from this policy, the municipal governments must identify them in the cities, as is the case of Doña Adela, a woman who now has her business and is the example of thousands of people who work in informality.



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