As if the humanitarian crisis that has been going on in El Charco for 20 days was not enough, now there are protests in this town of Narino.

The populationless than 40,000 inhabitants, is tired of the alleged corruption, as well as being surrounded by organized armed groups with drug trafficking forces that keep them in confinement and without food, since river transport with products and food does not arrive.

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She is so tired that she does not approve the appointment of the third mayor of the municipality in less than six months, after Víctor Candelo was arrested in September of last year and who is under investigation for alleged acts of corruption.

The decision adopted by the Governor of Narino, Jhon Rojas, in the sense of appointing Jesús David Ureña Moreno as the new mayor in charge (he is the third under this figure and the fourth, in two years). He replaces José Obregón. His dissatisfaction was shown in protests in the streets

The sectional president explained that he had asked the Cambio Radical party to send a list of three candidates to proceed with the appointment, in compliance with article 106 of Law 136 of 1994, according to which governors with respect to mayors, in case of absolute absence or suspension, they must designate the mayor of the same movement or political affiliation of the incumbent. He will have to be chosen from a list.

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“In this case, the legally established procedure was complied with to remedy the administrative situation presented, as a result of the security measure imposed against Messrs. Víctor Candelo Reina and Jefferson Segura Moreno,” Rojas said.

Segura Moreno was the first mayor in charge and who was also deprived of his liberty due to an investigation for his alleged co-authorship in the crimes of contract without compliance with legal requirements in homogeneous and successive competition, and ideological falsehood in a public document, for events that occurred on the 10th March 2020.

Governor Rojas added that “the mayor was appointed, without the party or the appointee having noticed the concurrence of any cause of inability and/or incompatibility to hold office.”

The same official was emphatic in pointing out that he is not within his power to object to the list for reasons of convenience, so he must respect the competence that the legislator granted to the party or political movement for its elaboration.

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“In any case, the community is informed that the person designated as mayor must comply with his management in accordance with the program of the mayor elected by popular vote,” Governor Rojas insisted.

In El Charco they hardly knew this determination, a good number of inhabitants took to the streets to protest to show their nonconformity.

“The town of El Charco respects itself damn!” Men and women shouted furiously through the main streets of the town.

But that was not all. Also with whistles and horns, the dissatisfied citizens shouted: “Get out, get out, get out!”

One of the leaders of the protest said: “We are going to continue protesting and showing our discontent for this assault that is being carried out on the Municipal Mayor’s Office.”

After 18 consecutive days the inhabitants maintain the peaceful protest that affects more than 400 businesses and has merchants, farmers and fishermen in a serious crisis.

Despair and anguish increase every day.

The municipal person, Marta Camacho, could not hide her uncertainty about what is happening in that town located on the Pacific Coast of Nariño, on the banks of the Iscuandé River.

“This is very hard, wanting and not being able to”, with these few but heartfelt words, the human rights defender in her jurisdiction acknowledges her impotence when it comes to resolving the social and economic problems that affect the almost 38,000 inhabitants of El Charco .

“It is very hard to know that there are so many people going hungry at this time,” he said, noting that the enormous indifference of the departmental and national governments is still not explained.

“I want to, but I can’t help my people. How I would like to attend to so much need that there is now here”, he recognized and asked the upper echelons of the Government to direct their attention to this municipality, where several families have been forced to move to municipalities such as La Tola, Maguí and Tumaco to claim the help of family and friends.



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