The 64th edition of the Cali Fair, which in December of last year returned to face-to-face attendance, had an important staging with artists and orchestras from Cali.

However, after the fair event was over, some of the city’s talents who were part of this iconic quote They assure that they have not yet received the corresponding payments from Corfecali, the organization that organizes the fair.

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Given this situation, the manager of the corporation, Argemiro Cortés, specified that they made a first payment for some artists and advance procedures to pay what is owed.

“Obviously the Cali Fair is over and we received a first disbursement from the Mayor’s Office of $4,000 million. Right now we are processing so that they give us the 6,000 million pesos”, explained Cortés.

Argemiro Cortés, manager of Corfecali.

For the manager of the entity, this waiting situation on the part of some artists is “a normal process”, because “Corfecali historically pays at 30, 60 or 90 days”.

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“We contracted 208 orchestras, of which we have paid 103 of them”, explained Cortés Buitrago, who hopes that in the next 15 days they will be able to settle everything.

The manager of the corporation asks the artists “to understand that we have made a great effort. We are paying, and it is normal that Corfecali pays to the extent that the Mayor’s Office is paid, that is why we ask for patience and apologize for our delay, which is nothing to write home about because in the end it does not even take 30 days”.

One of the points that the manager considers that have generated trauma at the time of disbursements is that “some of them have not delivered social security, and taking into account that they are public money, we cannot pay them if we do not have the legal requirements” .

positive balance

With the participation of different agencies of the District Administration, Corfecali presented a balance on the Cali Fair.

The manager of Corfecali, Argemiro Cortes, highlighted that the entity generated profits of more than $800 million, despite the difficulties of returning after the restrictions due to the pandemic.

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This result was weighed by the Secretary of the Government of Cali, Nhora Yaneth Mondragón, who added that they are still working on audits and law reports.

“The preliminary evaluation shows us an excellent administration led by the manager Argemiro Cortés, which responded to the addresses of the mayor Jorge Iván Ospina and is a sign that public companies can generate profits to reinvest and improve for the benefit of the population. ”, detailed the official.

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