Several days of anguish passed after the number of cases covid-19 began to increase in the capital of the Cauca Valley. However, thanks to the number of vaccinated in Cali, he can officially say that passed the fourth peak of the pandemic.

The announcement comes after several meetings between advisers from the Cali Health Secretariat and the district agency’s team of epidemiologists.

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“At this time the positivity of the cases is at 15 percent and the speed of transmission shows a number of infected for each infected of 0.5 percent, “said Miyerlandi Torres Agredo, secretary of health.

Thus, the official explained that these percentages mean that the peak of infections has already been overcome, so it is now a duty to reduce the occupation of Intensive Care Units.

He clarified that 85 percent of the ICU beds that are currently occupied, and 36 percent are people infected with the virus.

“Let us remember that two weeks ago it was 45 percent with covid load. Now we are at 36 percent, which has also been decreasing mortality, “added Torres Agredo.

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According to the health entity, 20 daily deaths are averaged, when at the height of the peak they exceeded 40. “67 percent of the deaths correspond to people over 60 years of age who had not been vaccinated or who did not have the reinforcement dose ”, sustained the secretary of health.

According to the data collected by the epidemiological team, the fourth peak, led by the omicron variant, left a total of 83,420 confirmed infections and 769 deaths. Compared to the second peak, the last one that occurred without vaccination in the population, and there were 40,320 more cases, but 300 fewer deaths.

In other words, while the lethality of the second peak was 0.02 percent, that of the fourth reached 0.009 percent. This allows us to calculate that during this last peak Nearly 1,300 deaths were averted.

“67 percent of deaths correspond to people over 60 years of age who had not been vaccinated or who did not have the booster dose”

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Advance Factors

According to the analysis of health experts, they attribute the progress thanks to different factors that imply the decrease in figures.

One of those reasons is the progress of the vaccination planadjusted to the goals proposed by the Ministry of Health.

On the other hand, according to studies it was possible to determine that the nature of the Omicron variant is less lethal; and another of the factors to overcome the fourth peak was the existence of antibodiesgenerated naturally in citizens who were previously infected.

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Torres considered the news a relief for Caleños, and likewise invited citizens to continue with the biosafety protocolsmainly the use of the mask.

“Although the immunization process is going well, it is not yet time to stop using the mask, since the levels of vaccination do not allow us to be safe without its use,” he specified.


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