In the early hours of the morning of Saturday, January 29, an intermunicipal bus belonging to the Expreso Pradera company was incinerated in Pradera, Valle del Cauca. The authorities advance a extraordinary security council to determine the precise causes of the event and the measures to be taken.

Jenny Córdoba, an official from the Mayor’s Office of Pradera, explained that the driver of the vehicle told her of the presence of two men who were traveling on a motorcycle and approached the vehicle moments before the event.

“According to what the driver tells us, two people arrived on a motorcycle and he was unable to see what did they launch or what did they do because at the moment he left the bus and went to the dispatch office, that was when the events took place,” said the official before entering the council.

Some of the people who were near the place stated that the bus was without passengers.It should be remembered that in September of last year two vans from the same transport company were incinerated in a sector called “the cabin” , in Pradera.

At that time, two people boarded the vehicle and made the passengers get out and later proceeded to set the vehicles on fire.



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