Signaling the limits between one territory and another is normal and necessary when investing in municipal resources, issuing charges for property taxes and public services, among others. But an official warning shocked the community that lives in the limits of Barranquilla and the municipality of Soledad (Atlántico).

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The sign that had significance is located precisely on Calle 30 – Autopista Aeropuerto, before reaching a stationery store, in the north-south direction, towards the air terminal that serves the District.

What is the intention of the message? Send two different messages, like a contempt

In that sense, they are 100 linear metersapproximately, those that separate the vehicular bridge over Circunvalar Avenue with the informative sign that was installed by the District Traffic and Road Safety Secretariat.

For greater accuracy, the message on the billboard ‘This is Barranquilla – We await your return!’ It was what generated various reactions, such as discomfort, confusion, ridicule, discord and even memes that were spread on social networks.

On the other road, towards the capital of the Atlantic, was painted on the road the city ​​flag just below the informative sign ‘Welcome to Barranquilla’.

“As an organization, we looked at it and the first question that came to mind was, ‘What is the intent of the message?’ Send two different messages, like contempt. When it could have been something like ‘Thank you for visiting Barranquilla, come back soon,’ ”said the president of the Pride for Solitude Foundation, Hugo Ordóñez, to EL TIEMPO.

According to the electronic engineer, a native of the municipality, the other message he sees after analyzing the signal is that it has a tinge of “political marketing.”

“Could it be that we want to show that there is effective infrastructure management? But we are not showing that sense of brotherhood and love for our neighbor, ”he said.

A few meters ahead of the informative signal this flag was painted.


Vanexa Romero /THE TIME

The memes were not lacking for the signal

Due to the fact, there was no shortage of creatives on social networks who designed memes when the photos that Ordóñez made known through these digital channels went viral.

One of those assemblies, by way of ‘revenge’, was a supposed informative signal in the old failure of the Ernesto Cortissoz International Airportwith the message “Welcome to the Ernesto Cortissoz de Soledad airport, Atlántico”, as it is located in the jurisdiction of this municipality.

Signs Barranquilla memes

Internet users ‘revenge’ themselves with the memes.


Taken from social networks

However, others went further and spread a supposed notice with the slogan “This is El Concord (neighborhood), Malambo is further on.”

It must be taken into account that, in addition to this point on Calle 30, the billboard with the message ‘So far is Barranquilla’ was also installed on the extension of the Murillolowering the vehicular bridge of this avenue on the Circunvalar.

Neighbors fear being left in limbo

What is in total abandonment, our idea is to pave it with our resources

Beyond the folklore on the networks, the inhabitants of this sector are concerned that the segment between the new Barranquilla information fence and the ‘Municipio de Soledad’ sign (north – south) remains in limbo.

Since in said area, where there is a stationery store, an EPS and a shipping company, the state of the road infrastructure is in bad conditionsin contrast to the Barranquilla side, where an improvement was recently made with the expansion of the roads.

“Seeing the refusal of both administrations, both Soledad and Barranquilla, we took on the task as a Foundation of appropriating the piece. What is in total abandonment, our idea is to pave it with our resources, in alliance with private companies”, said Ordóñez.

He added that, through the formation of a Works Committee, they seek to establish the real budget to intervene the section, with the strategy of dividing the stage works. Before this management, the community made a demonstration on the road, asking themselves “So, who does this belong to? Barranquilla? Loneliness?”.

Barranquilla signs

The traffic signal in Murillo has gone unnoticed by some inhabitants.


Vanexa Romero /THE TIME

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The reaction of the District of Barranquilla

The signs installed on some roads of the District that communicate with the surrounding municipalities inform the inhabitants and visitors, in a friendly way

Inquiring about the limits, it was learned that those of Barranquilla, established by the Agustín Codazzi Institute, have not changed in decades. In addition, this medium consulted the Secretary of Traffic and Road Safety of the District, after the installation of the signal.

“The signs installed on some roads in the District that communicate with the surrounding municipalities inform the inhabitants and visitors, in a friendly way, of the end of the district jurisdiction”, communicated this dependency of the Mayor’s Office.

The Secretariat added that this is intended to provide guidance on its current and future location. In addition, he recalled that the informative location signs (green background) have the function of indicating jurisdictional limits of cities or urban areas, identifying rivers, lakes, parks, among other points of interest, in accordance with the guidelines of the Signaling Manual Road 2015.

“In cities with a tourist vocation, it is necessary for visitors to know the limits in order to guide them in accessing services, places of interest and various activities,” added the authority.

Thus, the signal is maintained, as is the poor condition of the road, which connects with the international air terminal and which now has the community in anguish over its fate.

Deivis Lopez Ortega
Correspondent of EL TIEMPO Barranquilla
On twitter: @dejholopez
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