With a symbolic act, the relatives of Jesenia Murillo, her two daughters, and Orlando Medina said goodbye to them on the outskirts of the Cauca River, after the rescue agencies confirmed that the car in which they were traveling on January 12 could not be extracted from the tributary.

The Administrative Department of Risk Management of Antioquia indicated that the vehicle, which fell into the river on the El Cangrejo sector in the municipality of Betulia, could not be removed “due to adverse conditions.”

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Although Firefighters, Army, Police, Devimar, and the family were present at the site to get the car out, the force of the river, the current, the strong suction and the sedimentation did not allow it to be recovered.

“Technical report from the National Navy warns that the lives of operational personnel were being endangered. The vehicle is 97% buried due to sedimentation. The decision to end operations was made at the PMU in common agreement between entities and family”, the Dagran pointed out.

It should be remembered that the vehicle had an accident on the night of Wednesday, January 12, falling into the Cauca River. Five people were traveling in it, of which only one managed to get out of the vehicle without injury.

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The family came from the municipality of Andagoya (Chocó) and was on their way to their place of residence, in San Pedro de Urabá, Antioquia.

From that moment, the search began for Jesenia Murillo Bonilla and her daughters, Thaira Cristina Parra Murillo, 10 years old, and Thailen Parra Murillo, 5 years old, in addition to the driver, identified as Orlando Medina.

The only survivor of the incident was Cristian Parra, father of the minors who were missing, and who in recent days thanked the efforts of all the people who joined the search.



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