In the last few hours, Leider Johany Noscué Bototo, alias ‘Mayimbú’ or “Wilson González”, head of the ‘Jaime Martínez’ front in Cauca, spoke in a video about the recent events that occurred in the department of Arauca.

In the message, he sends a message of solidarity to the Araucanian people, victims of violent actions by the structures of the National Liberation Army (ELN).

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“So far they have left at least 66 peasants murdered and hundreds of displaced people in a war that only favors the rich of this country,” says the guerrilla chief.

“The smear campaign with our organization directed from the military forces, the ELN and the Second Marquetalia in various regions of Colombia have become a distraction factor. The media recently spread the news about the capture of retired Colonel Robinson González and several active soldiers, linked to drug trafficking and allies of the paramilitaries and the Second Marquetalia in Nariño, a situation that also occurs in Arauca, Cauca and Putumayo. As time goes by, it begins to reveal who the enemy’s allies really are in our country.”

“The Tenth Fronts, Martín Villa, Front 28, Front 45, belonging to the FARC EP, were betrayed in good faith, following the principle that revolutionaries must prevail to resolve difficulties or differences through dialogue, reach an agreement that a few days later he is betrayed by the Domingo Laín front. To you comrades, our solidarity and support from the other end of forgotten Colombia.”

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In the video he also referred to the death of alias Jhonier, who died in the middle of the operations carried out in Toribío, northeastern Cauca by the Public Force.

“In this war against injustice, men and women fall, true revolutionaries who have given their lives to make Colombia a different, calm and peaceful country for the impoverished. Today we bid farewell to Comrade Jhonier, a man who dedicated his life to the organization, since those distant 90s when he was the promoter of the peasant mobilizations that sought, as today, that the peasant be recognized in all his dimensions. Jhonier, our comrade who tried to build that different Colombia between peasant assemblies and who, as a result of the persecution and repression that always falls on the leaders in this country, had to assume the noble task of entering the Colombian jungles in the FARC EP, with whom he also I could build a better tomorrow by wielding a weapon in our ranks.”

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“Comrade Jhonier, the Western Coordinating Command of the Revolutionary Forces of Colombia, People’s Army FARC EO, honors your revolutionary work in our organization. Your teachings and examples are the necessary fuel to win”, concludes alias Mayimbú.

It is the first time that ‘Mayimbú’, also known in the armed group as Wilson González, speaks on behalf of the Western Coordinating Command. Apparently, he would be the new head of this structure.

For his whereabouts, the National Government has offered millionaire rewards without achieving the objective.

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